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Thin Skin


It is polyurethane very thin barely undetectable; if the hair is injected the result is absolutely natural, and the hairpiece will result invisible. This kind of base is undetectable also when the hairpiece is thinning out, less visible then the lace base.

Hairs can be
injected or knotted. Injected hairs looks more natural but are less durable, on the contrary knotted hairs are more durable but they looks just a little bit less natural.

Below you can find advantages and disadvantages of this kind of bases:


  • easy maintenance through tapes;

  • the absence of knots make the base color (and of the scalp consequently) absolutely natural;

  • if you select (as strongly suggested) the injected hair, hairline would be REALLY natural;


  • it is not perspiring;

  • you can expose the front only partially;

  • injected hairs hook less strongly respect to the lace, as a consequence the hairpiece can loose hairs faster and it lasts less.

Thin Skin is available in several colors (clear, flesh, light pink, pink, light brown, dark brown, black); to be undetectable it is very important to select the thin skin color more similar to skin color.

Thin Skin can be combined with all the other type of bases.

It is possible to select a
scallop front in order to make the hairline irregular and allow its exposition.

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