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May be it can be considered a silly thing, anyway maintenance is decisive for both lifetime of the hairpiece and for the naturalness of the look.

In the following the main steps to be performed:

  • remove the hairpiece from you head (using removers suitable for type of adhesion)
  • clean the hairpiece and the scalp; pay a particular attention to the removal of tape and glue residual
  • wash separately your head , your hairs and the hairpiece.
  • prepare the scalp to the new adhesion (dry, use suitable scalp preparation solutions)
  • put on the glue and/or the tape the base and/or the scalp.
  • stretch and put on the hairpiece the head.

Maybe it seems to be difficult, but as soon as you become experienced you will notice that regular maintenance NEVER last more then two hours, and usually the average time is to less an hour.

How often has to be done maintenance?
One the more important factor to take into account is the season: in winter time what it not so hot you can spend 10-15 days between subsequent maintenances; in summer time the right period of time is 7 days; this is not for adhesion problems (some tape can hold up to three weeks in optimal conditions), but for a matter of personal hygiene and for simple rule that says "the more you wear it the more you will have to clean it".

If you live and work in a place that is not so hot/dirty/humid/dusty, you can wash you hairpiece while you wear it, under the shower, using a regular shampoo. Anyway washing the hairpiece separately you will clean better with less stress (and consequently a better lasting).

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