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It is barely visible polyester knitted material into which hair is knotted and the knots are bleached; to attach it you can use glue or a lace specific tape.

Most popular laces are the following:

  • French Lace: just a little bit more durable but a little more visible

  • Swiss Lace: absolutely undetectable but since it is less durable is advisable to be used by expert wearers.


  • lace is cooler because air pass through the knitting, so the scalp can be oxygenated (it is so light that you will forget it); you can shampoo it, you can swim, you can have showers , it is the best option in spring and in summer;

  • you can expose the front having a natural hairline;

  • hairs have a natural volume really just like normal hairs; you can style as you like.


  • it needs a little more complex maintenance whether you attach it with glue (using lace specific tapes will be easier);

  • usually the knots are bleached so that darker hair does not appear dotty, but this procedure can affect the lace that become just a little yellowish. This drawback can be reduced with a specific procedure.

The lace is available in different colours (light yellow, yellow, light pink, dark pink, dark brown, black), it is very important to find out the colour closer to you skin because in this way it will became undetectable.

Lace can be used in combination with other types of base.

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