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Joint Orders

Here you can find all that you need to beter understand the Joint Orders:

1) What is the Joint Order ?

With the Joint Order you can buy next-generation hairpieces from factories avoiding the high prices imposed by some retailers, and therefore saving money.

2) Why do I have to buy through the Joint Orders? Why I can't do it on my own ?

Usually the best factories don't make business with private individuals, who can buy a only small amount of hairpieces. They prefer working with organizations that can guarantees them hundredths of units. Another point to take into account is that the care that the factories use in the production process is obviously more if the customer put large orders.
You also have to take in account that there are several factories and it is not easy to find the best-in-breed: you have to make several test and to spend a lot of time and money if you do on you own.
Last but not the list, the cost that you have to support in term of shipment, money transfer, etc can vanish savings if you do everything alone, they can be higher that the hairpiece itself.

3) What are the benefits of Joint Orders ?

Joint Orders enable you to order with regularity a bunch of hairpieces allowing you to have access to the best factories. You can be sure of having bought an high quality hairpiece, because a large community of users have already verified the quality of that factory products.

4) Who actually orders hairpieces ?

According it Italian law, a new company was built with the ability to legally order hairpieces directly from factories: this newborn company is called New Hair System™.

5) What are the differences between New Hair System™ and a common retailer ?

First of all the New Hair System™ is a service company devoted to Members of Salusmaster Forum only, common retailers sells to anyone is interested in buying.
Then, New Hair System™ is born to provide service to Salusmaster users, and to make money like common retailers. For this reason prices are kept as low as possible, at the minimum to let the company live, and to provide a little earning to people who manage the Joint Orders.

6) How can I join to Joint Orders ?

Please, read carefully our regulation, there you will find the right procedure to join us.

7) How much does it cost a Newgen ?

You will find the updated pricelist in this page.

8) How can I get the Smart Order Form ?

The Order Form will e-mailed after the payment is received.

9) I'm not able to make the template and to fill the Order Form on my own; what can I do ?

You can find expert member of Salusmaster Forum, nearly in every Italian regions (Regional Delegate); with a small contribution they can help you in make the template, in the selection of the hairpiece customization parameters. Some of them own a sample kit of hair curl, hair gray etc.

10) Where could I find the list of Regional Delegates ?

In order to keep the privacy of every forum member, the Regional Delegates names will be provided only to people who actually joined a Joint Order (after the payment of the hairpiece). In the following forum page you'll find the how many Regional Delegates are available for any region.

11) I have a chichen-and-egg problem: the price of the Newgen depends on the selection of material chosen, but how can I define the price without being in touch the Regional Delegate whose name is be disclosed after having paid.

Prices are defined by the combination of simple information.
Would you like to have a part of the hairpiece in injected thin-skin ? You can find basic information on basis material in the present website:

  • Is it a regular or rush order ? Delivery time for rush order are 6-8 weeks (some week more for full wigs). Delivery time for regular orders are 8-12 weeks.
  • Is your template larger than 20x25 cm.
  • Would you like the hair longer that 15 cm ?
  • How many hairpieces would you like to order ?

If you are able to answer this basic questions you can determine the price of your order.
Buy if you are in trouble and you can't decide there is another possibility: you can make a part-payment in order to allow you to be in touch with the Regional Delegates, the payment can be completed after having defined all the details with the help of the regional delegates.

12) Can I order European Hairs ?

Yes, refer to our regulation at article. 10.

13) Is it available an assistance service for Newgen customers ?

Yes, Every Member that joined at least to a Joint Order can have assistance through a dedicated e-mail, phone number , a chat and of course through Salusmaster Forum.
This specific kind of assistance is made free-of-charge, on a voluntary basis by the Joint Orders Coordinators according with their private and business commitments.

14) Can I repair a damaged hairpiece ? Even if it is not came from a Joint Order ?

Yes, you can, but most of the time, given to the low price of the Newgen, it is not cost-effective.
We can also repair hairpieces bought from other retailers.

15) What about privacy ?

It has agreed by both parties, in the so called "Framework Agreement", that personal data of the customers have to be used only for the specific need of buying the Newgen. The company purposely created for the O.C. is engaged therefore for enrolled not to communicate to nobody the personal data of the customers.

16) I'm a secret wearer, is it possible to receive the Newgen at an alternate address ?

Yes, you have to specify it in the Framework Agreement or in the Smart Order Form.

17) I'm a secret wearer, is the package anonymous ?

No, we use standard packages and sender can't be linked to hairpieces.

18) How can I cut my new hair ?

We can provide you a list of hairdresser with a specific skill in styling hairpieces. We cover nearly every Italian region.

19) I'm not able to make the maintenance on my own, at least at the beginning. Is there any hair salon where I can make my Newgen maintenance ?

Most of the hairdresser we suggest makes this kind of service to their customers.

20) Where can I buy product to attach, remove clean my Newgen?

These products too are for those who joined to Joint Orders only.

21) How can offer my contribution of Joint Orders Project ?

You can suggest us expert hairdresser or maybe become a Regional Delegate.
For further information you can contact the responsible of Salusmaster Forum.

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