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Basic Information

Since you found this website, you are probably bald or you're in trouble with you hair.

If you already know traditional solutions like treatments, lotions, transplants and even you've already tested some of those, you probably noticed that
none of the traditional solutions fix the problem especially when your baldness is extensive.

A transplant can temporary solve a light thinning, but it will
never give you back your hair completely if you problem is an extensive male pattern baldness (alopecia androgenetica).

You are surely aware of the expenses solutions advertised, by hair club salons or by specialized centers.

If you are thinking to wear an hairpiece, we advise you to try the last innovative solution available on the world-wide market:
the next-generation hairpiece, known as


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Please notice that:

  • hairpieces do not solve you baldness, it only hide it

  • it has advantages and disadvantages

  • it is not said that the extended use of adhesive products may cause side effects

However, it is reasonable to suppose that scalp would be healthier (or better prepared to treatments that in future could be revealed useful), if you would not use such adhesive for a long time (10-20 years).

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Keeping in mind the advice already said, we would like to present a quick reference list of pros and cons of wearing a next-generation hairpiece:


  • with a limited amount of money, you can recover your look, even if you are completely bald (just like the famous actor Yul Brinner); it is possible to have full wig;
  • you can increase you hair gradually, without shock the eye; you only have to increase the density of the hair of your Newgen in a gradual way;
  • next generation hairpieces, contrary to old ones, are unlikely recognized, even by experts
  • in general terns, sports (i.e. swimming) do not introduce any kind of problem;
  • even if there are several myths on it, Newgens do not fly away, do not remain in the surface of the water when you are swimming, do not remain in the helmet when you ride your bike; to remove your hairpiece you have to use solvents or better linen or seed oil;
  • newgens are light and allow skin perspiration; you forget having it on, even in summer if you are wearing a lace Newgen;
  • since that this is not a surgical solution, it is always possible to be able to remove the system anytime and to return with previous look; this is not always true especially if we talk about hair transplant that can leave you irreversible scars.


  • in general terms, the more the hairpiece look natural the more is delicate; the average life in good conditions of a Newgen is around to 3 months;
  • the hair of the hairpiece, once that you've cut they don't grow anymore (it's obvious, but wish to be clearer as we can);
  • you need to remove it on a regular basis (usually onec a week); a careful maintenance is needed the following reasons:

------- to have always a natural look
------- to keep the hairpiece in good conditions
------- for a obvious cause on personal care

  • it needs some expenses at intervals, either for buying new hairpieces or for buying products for its maintenance;
  • perhaps it does not preclude necessarily, but it renders the treatments difficult and less effective (lotions, massages, etc.);
  • it is not advisable in case of generic thinning, because the area covered by the hairpiece has to be shaved to allow its adhesion. However if you like to proceed, the base have to be in lace to allow scalp perspiration and don't make weaken the hair left (it happens with thin skin base);
  • it is not advisable if you have a small (less that 2 cm) bald at the temple.

If you have carefully read above and you wish to know more we carry on with some technical details.

New Hair System™ deals hairpieces so called
Newgen (next-generation hairpieces); they're undetectable hairpieces, similar to ones used by movie actors; they will give you great results in term of look and they will last on an average basis between 3 and 6 months (you can find real evidence of it in Salusmaster Forum).

average life of a system depends mainly:

  • from the characteristics of the system itself;
  • from the habits of the wearer: if he plays a lot of sports a if he carries out working activity in hard conditions or if the wearer leaves in conditions that cause a frequent and strong perspiration (and therefore shampoo much frequent) the duration it will be a little inferior to who not practical sport or carries out sedentary jobs;
  • from the good habits of maintenance

The hairpiece is basically composed of the following three parts:

- Hairs (the can be of different types: European, Indian, synthetic, etc.)

- Bases where hairs are fixed (lace, poly, etc.)

- The fixing system (the way how the hairs are fixed to the base)
------ knotted: the hair is fixed to the base using a knot
------ injected: the hair is "injected" in the base

A really important parameter to obtain good results is the hair

Hair density is one of the tough parameter to be defined, usually in 2 or 3 attempts everyone can define the right density. To have natural results it is advisable to choose density less or equal to existing side hairs.

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