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Joint Orders

Our assistance service is one of the best capabilities of New Hair System™; it is carried out in a really professional way, in such a way that is difficult to find from several retailers.

On the completion of the transaction you'll be provided with a
phone number, an e-mail address that you can use for any need.
An expert will help you in the selection of right type of Newgen, in the customization of it (density, hairstyle, curl, etc.) and after having received it in the right use of it.

Newgen experts are available nearly in every Italian Region; they can help you personally in the Newgen customization parameter selection and they can help you in making the template.
Newgen experts can show you
his personal Newgen and he can give you all the details you need.

To help you in defining all the customization parameters of your Newgen our "
Smart Order Form" is available, you only need to fill it and mail it.
The Smart Order Form is absolutely easy to understand also to newbie; it has several assisted compilation facilities and rich on-line help.
It is developed as a wizard, you only have to answer to simple questions like "how many units do you need ?", "Would you like some grey hairs to be added?";
after having answered to these simple questions the Order Form will be auto-completed and ready to be e-mailed.

Of course, if need assistance to fill the Order Form you call New Hair System™ help , or if you prefer the Newgen expert closer to your hometown.

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