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About Us

Some expert members of a well-known forum dedicated to the baldness ( click here ), wish to share their experience in next generation hairpieces. Their dream is do not depend on retailers anymore, because they don't want to spend thousand of Euros in hairpieces without having back a professional assistance service.
These distinguished people created a big project:

Buying their hairpieces directly from factories without any intermediary

This project is called "
Joint Order Project" (O.C.).

Joint Order Project is now up and running; it has been possible to buy hairpieces from Asian factories since 2007. Orders are done on montly basis with full satisfaction of the Forum members who have decided to join this project.

To manage this project according with Italian Law it has been established a new company : the "
New Hair System™".

New Hair System™
is a service company devoted to Members of Salusmaster Forum only, and it is focused to give service to members only; for this reason Newgens can be bought by Salusmaster members only.

New Hair System™ is born to provide service to Salusmaster users, and to make money like common retailers. For this reason prices are kept as low as possible, at the minimum to let the company live, and to provide a little earning to people who manage the Joint Orders; these little earnings enables New Hair System™ to provide an
extensive assistance to its customers through e-mail , chat, phone calls, etc.

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